With Blue Lotus DAO, we have the best platform for you as a user or developer, in where you can trade and earn on different networks such as Ethereum, Polygon, Binance Smart Chain or even Fantom, with the possibility of expanding to more networks in the Future. Here you can get the most suitable rates for token trading and even earn more with your token assets.
Blue Lotus DAO has the characteristics of a DEX or also well-known as decentralized exchange, and it is also a liquidity provider with the characteristic of having efficient liquidity funds that allow earning fees for liquidity providers; being one of the first multi-chain Dynamic Market Maker in DeFi.
Blue Lotus DAO is a DMM, it has differences with a common AMM or Automated Market Maker that we see in several liquidity platforms, one of the great differences is that Blue Lotus DAO allows to optimize the Capital, obtaining very attractive rates for the user with the aggregation of liquidity and that in addition with this optimization, you achieve greater efficiency and increase the profitability of liquidity providers according to market conditions.